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P house
location: Lerici, SP, Italy
year: 2018
client: private
photo: Anna Positano
publication: Elle Decor

P house is located at the top floor of a modern apartment block building in the centre of Lerici, a small sea village in the north of Italy. The apartment is very well exposed with a beautiful view and a lot of sunlight. The former distribution of the internal spaces was very fragmented and it didn’t permit a complete perception of the panorama from the interior.
Living space had to be characterized by such panorama and and natural light.
So the main aim was to establish a spatial trigger able to re-connect the view from the inside to the outside starting from the entrance.
In this way the living has been enlarged using the former bedroom and converting it in an open dining room with the kitchen.

Parquet (Listone Giordano Cashmere) is laid in all the rooms of the apartment, it is oriented in two different directions that changes along a diagonal that starts from a blue niche near the entrance and arrives trough the dining room to a window from where you can see the sea.
The diagonal in the end origins a sort of a room divider between dining room and kitchen. That diagonal and jaggy partition is made by a sequence of upright realized in the same wood of the floor separated by glasses and stainless steel shelves.

Bedrooms and bathrooms have been redesigned in a more private part of the house clearly separated from the day spaces.
These spaces are called out by a light blu niche hollowed in the white wall of the living, this void contains tree doors, finished as the wall, that allow the entrance to the rooms.

Forniture is a selection of a big collection owned by the owners of original design pieces from 70’s and 80’s, the renovations with its soft but substantial presence tries to exalt it by the using of some fitting colors such the light blue or by the choice of the stainless steel for some details of the kitchen partition and the kitchen top.

The renovation choses to be light and to solve the layout of the new spaces just by the connection (by the floor design) between two opposing objects. The niche, with its simply volume underlined by the chromatic difference, works in contrast; the partition follows the floor design and its material and its geometry is complex, it tells something about continuity and it helps the view to run outside until the blue of the sea.

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